Crane Hazards and Their Prevention by David MacCollum, P.E., CSP

Crane Hazards and Their Prevention by David MacCollum, P.E., CSP
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Revised for 2005, this book contains updated requirements from ANSI and OSHA, as well as those from other sources, such as military specifications (MIL), Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE Recommended Practices ), National Safety Council (NSC) publications, and the Army Corps of Engineers ( Safety and Health Requirements Manual ). There is also updated data for injury and fatality incidents from the Hazard Information Foundation, Inc., as well as the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

New items include:

  • How range-limiting devices can help crane operators avoid powerline contacts.
  • How load moment indicators (LMIs) can reduce the occurrence of crane upset from overloads.
  • How some rough-terrain mobile hydraulic cranes, logging tongs and flatbed trucks that have hydraulic cranes mounted on them can contribute to upsets due to overloads.
  • How the use of CAD software can make lift simulations easier and less hazardous.
  • How technology (such as infrared detectors and closed-circuit TV) can prevent injury from pinch points and nip points.
  • How the active participation of top management can prevent accident, injuries and fatalities by ensuring crane safety.

Also new in 2005 is a discussion of the Report of the Hazard Information Foundation, Inc. (HIFI) in March 2004, entitled “Safety Interventions to Control Hazards Related to Powerline Contacts by Mobile Cranes and Other Boomed Equipment.”

2005, ASSE, Softcover, 178 pgs


  • ISBN: 9780939874958
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