Safety by Objectives, 2nd Edition by Daniel Peterson

Safety by Objectives, 2nd Edition by Daniel Peterson
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Dan Petersen is one of the nation's leading consultants in the field of safety management and organizational behavior. He has updated and expanded this groundbreaking work. Providing new insight into ensuring increased safety in the workplace, no matter what the organizational style of the company, Safety by Objectives demonstrates how accountability drives better safety performance. The author shows how to devise, install, operate, and maintain tailor-made accountability systems that will foster a sense of safety responsibility, first in upper and middle managers and finally throughout the entire organization, thereby reducing on-the-job injuries and illnesses. The Second Edition demonstrates that measuring accident prevention efforts and rewarding effective safety performance are the foundation of any successful safety system. Drawing from modern management concepts, including Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, and Management by Objectives, it provides essential guidance on how to:

  • Analyze and understand the corporation's individual culture
  • Assess current safety systems using audits and perception surveys
  • Identify the hazards that cause injuries and illnesses
  • Set safety objectives and evaluate whether they have been met
  • Establish rewards for meeting safety performance goals
  • Overcome the pitfalls that traditionally doom accountability systems

The key to a flexible and results-producing safety system, Safety by Objectives should be part of the working library of every safety manager, safety engineer, industrial hygienist, and environmental professional.

  • ISBN: 978-0-4712873-8-4
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