Incidental Trainer: A Reference Guide...

Incidental Trainer: A Reference Guide for Training Design, Development, and Delivery
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for Training Design, Development, and Delivery by Margaret Wan.


  • Presents seven keys to successful training
  • Addresses all of the elements of effective training
  • Provides a step-by-step guide covering needs analysis and training design through program validation
  • Includes ready-to-use checklists and templates
  • Offers instructional strategies applicable to a generational and cultural mix of trainees and the virtual training environment


"We have trained and trained. The employees still don’t get it!" Although a critical component in improving organizational performance, training is usually not conducted effectively and results in a waste of resources. Often, subject-matter experts are given training responsibilities because of their technical expertise; however, just as often, these subject-matter experts, or "incidental trainers," do not have a background in adult education, training, or facilitation. Incidental Trainer: A Reference Guide for Training Design, Development, and Delivery provides an evidence-based reference to successful training for subject-matter experts in any discipline who want to achieve the effectiveness of a professional trainer.

Organizations assume that subject-matter experts can train others, creating difficult situations for incidental trainers who may be at a loss on where to begin. This book guides incidental trainers through the process of training design, development, and delivery to help them achieve effectiveness in their training program. It explains the fundamental steps from assessing the training needs to validating the training program. The book then discusses advanced topics, such as how to build a business case for the training budget and training in the virtual environment.

The changing demographics of the workforce and technologies in delivery methods require the adoption of new instructional strategies. Packed with practical tips for implementation in the real world, the book clearly details training techniques that incidental trainers can use to become proficient as professional trainers in enhancing training effectiveness to support organizational goals.

216 Pages


  • ISBN: 9781439857908
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