Chemistry of Hazardous Materials (6th Ed.) by Eugene Meyer

Chemistry of Hazardous Materials (6th Ed.) by Eugene Meyer
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Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, Sixth Edition, covers basic chemistry for emergency responders, guiding students who are often non-science majors through the process of understanding the chemical properties that make materials hazardous. This text covers many essential hazardous materials topics, such as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemical Substances (GHS); terrorist threats relative to biological, chemical, and radioactive agents; and the latest best practices for the handling and storage of hazardous materials. This new edition continues to emphasize the hazardous materials regulations established by the OSHA, the U.S. D.O.T., and the EPA.

Emphasizes the use of all three systems of hazard identification

  • The NFPA hazard diamonds and GHS pictograms are components of the marginal art displayed throughout this book.
  • Chapter 6 is solely devoted to the DOT labeling, marking, and placarding regulations that shippers and carriers use when transporting hazardous materials from place to place.
  • The DOT shipping names of hazardous materials are provided in other chapters as the features of individual hazardous materials are noted.
  • Explains how to interpret information on labels, signs, tags, and placards that are used to rapidly inform emergency responders of the potential hazards posed by hazardous materials. 

Offers an introduction to the principles of basic chemistry, aligned with recommended actions to be executed when emergency responders encounter hazardous materials

  • The text is written at a level that assumes little or no previous exposure to the subject.
  • As students proceed from one chapter to the next, their comprehension of chemistry should expand so they can grasp the technical basis for the myriad of occupational, transportation, and environmental regulations that affect their daily work.

Solved exercises within each chapter and end-of-chapter review exercises help students apply chemical principles to actual situations.

  • Many exercises were intentionally created to demonstrate how responders may use the material introduced in the chapters to predict the behavior of hazardous materials when they are encountered at disaster scenes.
  • The exercises also provide the opportunity for students to determine just how effectively they comprehend the subject matter.

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