Modern Industrial Hygiene: Volume 2 - Biological Aspects

Modern Industrial Hygiene: Volume 2 - Biological Aspects
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The long-awaited second of four volumes, Biological Aspects, contains an eclectic mix of subjects dealing with the biology of industrial hygiene. Jimmy L. Perkins, Editor brings together experts from various fields to cover the following topics:

  • The Respiratory Tract
  • Respiratory Tract Deposition and Penetration
  • Occupational Dermatotoxicology: Significance of Skin Exposure in the Workplace
  • The Practice and Management of Occupational Ergonomics
  • Biological Agents — Recognition
  • Biological Agents — Monitoring and Evaluation of Bioaerosol Exposure
  • Biological Agents — Control in the Occupational Environment
  • Biological Monitoring in Occupational Health
  • Dermal Exposure Assessment
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Risk Assessment and the Practice of Industrial Hygiene
  • The History and Biological Basis of Occupational Exposure Limits

As in Volume 1, the purpose of this volume is to try to bridge the gap between the classroom and the practice setting. Volume 2 is well illustrated, has more than 1,000 references, and contains questions at the end of every chapter that should leave the reader with a sense of the important concepts of the chapter and cause the reader to probe deeper into the true meaning of what is written. Answers to all chapter questions can be found at the end of the textbook.

  • ISBN: 978-1-882417-48-3
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