The Dose Makes the Poison

The Dose Makes the Poison
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With the advent of serious industrialization in non-Western economies such as China and India, the integrity of our food supply is once again in question and the safety of various consumer products and medicines at risk. Every day, people are exposed to a wide array of chemicals and other potential toxicants—from industrial emissions, the natural environment, drugs, and consumer products. Using broadly accessible language and clear examples, the Third Edition of The Dose Makes the Poison updates its highly acclaimed predecessors and explains the basics and practice of toxicology in easy-to-understand language.

This new edition broadens its scope from a heavy focus on industrial chemicals as toxicants to include drugs, food additives, cosmetics, and other types of compounds that people are exposed to daily. Also new to the Third Edition are recent issues-of-the-day such as bisphenol A, secondhand smoke, food contamination, lead in toys, melamine toxicity to children and pets, and drug recalls. Basic principles of how doses and routes of administration alter toxicity, testing paradigms for drugs and chemicals, and newer technology such as nanoparticles are all addressed and explained. In addition, the book:

  • Presents case studies of historical and current interest to illustrate various aspects of toxicology

  • Deals with all types of chemicals that we confront every day, including drugs, food additives, vitamins, and others

  • Includes an introduction to how chemicals cause harm, the factors that influence toxicity, and the ways that chemicals and drugs are tested to determine their safety

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